Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Hair Goal!

Happy Thursday everyone! OK, yesterday I told you that I would share my 2010 Hair goal with you, so here it is...........
My Hair goal for 2010 is to grow 1inch of healthy hair every month! Whew........ I know it sound exhausting already, but I am committed to the task at hand. I will attempt to achieve my goal by........
1. Drinking Plenty of Water! Water is key, our Body needs water and so does our hair.
2. Eating a balanced Diet consisting of mostly fresh fruits and veggies. (A quick rant: I was vegetarian for quite a while, and when i moved from Florida to Moreno valley, Ca it was really hard for me to find my normal foods, so i resulted back to eating meat again. But i only ate chicken, turkey, and fish. What a bad mistake!!!!! Eating meat has really took it's toll on me in just 5months. I've gain 25lbs since July, my hair isn't as healthy as it should be, and I just feel miserable. So starting today no more meat for me! Only fish occasionally!)
3.Wearing protective styles. (i.e. Braids, twists, kinky twists)
4. And by following a well thought out and planned hair care regimen, which is as follows........

*Daily- Seal in moisture every night before bed. (Will blog about "How to seal in moisture" @ a later date.)
*Mon, Wed and Fri- Co- wash and De tangle (Those will be the set days unless my hair gets really dirty from something like a accident fall into some dirt or something. lol)
*Every Saturday- Deep Condition with my Homemade Tropical Avocado Deep conditioner. (If you would like the Recipe check out my YouTube page.
*Every 4Th Saturday- Clarify hair with a ACV Rinse (apple cider vinegar rinse), Do a protein treatment with my Homemade Protein treatment. (Check out my YouTube page for that recipe as well;), Do a length check, and trim ends if necessary.

I will do product reviews and post them as well. I also will be blogging and updating my YouTube channel and Fotki page regularly with my hair updates. I would love your support on this growth journey!


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