Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Power and Authority!!!!

Happy Sunday everyone,

I know my blog are mostly about natural hair care, and my blog was created solely for that purpose, but I feel like this really needs to be said. I just had another baby. She is 3months old. And the devil has been trying to cause tension in my marriage every since she has been here. My husband and I have somewhat similar styles of raising children. I believe that when a baby cries, something is wrong, and there is something that can be done to soothe a crying baby. Well some people believes differently. And because my husband and I have different opinions about this subject it always result in some sort of conflict when my daughter is crying and I want to console her. And there are times when she just wants mommy. Us women know that babies love thier mommies. Simply because we can nurture them, and touch them like no one else can. Well when my daughter is screaming to the top of her lungs (which she rarely does) I want to know whats wrong. And if my husband has her and I ask him whats wrong, he snaps and then I snap and then the rest is history. But I just want to say "SATAN!!!!!!! You have no place in my marriage and you got to go! Luke 10:19 says " Behold I have given you authority and power to trample upon serpents and scorpions and [physical and mental stregnth and ability] over all the power that the enemy [possesses]; and nothing shall in any way harm you"(amp)........
My God has given me the power and the authority to make sure my marriage stays solid! If He said it he meant it! Numbers 23:19 says "God is not a man that He should lie, nor the son of man the He should repent!" And He said i win in the end! I was born to win! So guess what I'm gonna keep communicating with my husband, I'm gonna keep encouraging him, and we are gonna continue to compromise even in this situation. Because guess what??? WE WIN! HALLELUJAH! You know sometimes we gotta encourage ourselves in the Lord! Life can get you down! But when you know Who He is and Who's you are, you dont have anything to stress about! OOOHHHHHHHH yall I just can from church and I done got myself happy all over again! Our praise is the weapon we use to fight of the devil and his evil plans. So I'm finna praise God some mo, and and stomp all over the devils ugly head. I bet he wont stick his face in this marriage again!!!!!!!

Well I gotta go! Thanks for you support! I love you and God bless!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Up~Do with Twists

TGIF Everyone,

I wanted to quickly come by and show you all the style i did last night!

Quick easy and cute!

Thanks for your support, God Bless!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Feature: DatFunkyFro

Happy Thursday Everyone,

I am so excited to present to you our very first Curly~n~Natural feature of the month. DatFunkyFro! Isn't she beautiful!

1.How long have you been natural?
This is my second natural hair journey.I did the Bc on March 2010 and before that I transitioned for 6 months. The first one only lasted about one year.

2.What or who inspired you to go natural?
The love of my kinky, curly hair made me go natural. At the time, I didnt know so many women were also natural.

3.What is your favorite natural hair style?
I have two. A bun and a frowhawk. Though I dont really rock these, I love them and can't wait to reach the length that will easily permit me to wear them.

4.What is your favorite natural hair product?
Three things my hair loves are : coconut oil, shea butter and black soap

5.Why do you love being natural?
I love being natural because I am being myself 100 percent. I love being natural because I feel so at ease rocking my God given hair. Most of all, I love being natural because I can wear an afro today, or a twist out tomorrow etc. The versatility of natural hair is just simply amazing!

6. What words would you use to inspire and encourage other naturals or someone who is thinking about going natural?
I would say : "Be confident! I cannot stress this enough. When going natural, do not expect encouragement from others to build your confidence because that encouragement might just not be there. Confidence is the first key to wearing natural hair. The second key is knowledge! Arm yourself with knowledge to know how to maintain your hair! Stand tall and wear your ‘fro with total self-assurance."

*My sis DatFunkyFro also has an awesome blog,

And again ladies thanks for your support! If you would like to be featured, answer the above questions in your own words and email them to me @ Dont forget to attach some pictures of your beautiful selves! God bless you!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Husband Loves my Natural Hair!!!!

Hello beautiful naturals,

I pray everyone's week is going great so far! If not I pray it gets better for you!

Yall my husband loves my natural hair. He always compliments me and tell me how nice my hair looks. Even though I was already natural when we met, he completely stands behind the decision that I made. He loves to touch it and then tell me how soft it is. And yes he is the only person that can run his fingers through or play in my hair. I never put heat to my hair, but everytime i mention flat ironing my hair just to see how it looks straight, he always say "dont straighten it", "i like it just like that". God knows I love that man! How I appreciate him!

It feels good when the people that you love stand behind the decisions you make. And every natural sistah knows the feelings you get when you are deciding to go natural. An emotional rollercoaster. Deciding wether or not to go natural can cause a headache and all other kinda ailments. (HAHAHAHAHA I said ailments like i'm 92yrs old) And it is such a beautiful thing when your peeps can still look you in the face and say "you're beautiful", baldheaded and all.
So ladies rock your fades, locs, TWA"s, Afros and all your naturalness, because you are beautiful. And if your fam is supporting you, please let them know that you appreciate them and how much their support means to you!

And if you feel like know one is supporting you, guess what, I AM! Stay inspired, confident and encouraged!

Thanks for your support, God bless!

Why is being "Nappy" such a problem for some women????

Happy Monday ladies,

I pray you all have a blessed and safe week. Ok I live in El Paso, Tx, I've been here for almost a year and I have not seen or met not 1 natural yet. And to make thing worse even though El Paso is predominantly mexican, I live on an army base where I come in contact with many many beautiful women of color, and i have yet to meet a natural. Many people compliment me on my hair everyday, and I always say "Thank You" and then proceed to ask them have they ever considered going natural. And the first thing that comes out of their mouth is "my hair is too nappy to go natural"! I am so tired of hearing that foolishness! So I always respond with I'm happy to be nappy! Nappy is beautiful! And then they get this expression on their face that says "Whateva"! I know it takes a strong and confident woman to go natural and stay natural, and many women just dont have the guts, but when will the time come when being "Nappy" wont be a problem???

I absolutely love all of my sistahs and i just want the wool to be pulled from over thier eyes. I understand the phrase "to eash his own" but chemically relaxing your hair is toxic, and if you want to achieve a straight hair look there are other alternatives such as flat ironing and hot combing. And even too much of that will start to cause damage.

I love being natural! It is one of the best decisions i ever made in my life. Being natural allows my inner disposition to shine far more brighter than my outer appearance could ever be. It allows me to express my individuality and be the unique person that i am. It allows me to be creative and have fun with my hair, while maintaining it's health and growth.
So to all the women out there who has a problem with accepting every kink, coil, and curl that God gave you, i dare you to stand up and have have faith in the fact that God made NO mistakes when he created you! Even the fibers on your head!

Well ladies thank for your support! Enjoy your week and God bless you and yours!

The Huetiful Hair Steamer!

Happy Sunday ladies,

I pray all is well with you and yours! Well i've been hearing a lot about The Huetiful Hair steamer and I really want to try it out.

The Huetiful Hair Steamer is specifically designed for the unique needs of wavy, curly and kink-curly hair. Hair with natural curl patterns require more moisture and hydration than hair without a curl pattern. But products never seem to provide the nourishment; especially when curly hair is weathered by heat styling, the environment (humidity, cold weather, extreme heat, dry air), and chemical or color treatments.

The Huetiful Hair Steamer helps overcome the variables that lead to dry hair. It does this by restoring moisture 5x better than deep conditioners alone. The Huetiful Hair Steamer achieves these great results by opening up the cuticles of your hair to allow the conditioner or hair treatment to be pulled deeply inside the hair shaft. While the hair cuticles are open, the Huetiful Hair Steamer bathes your hair with warm mist to replenish lost moisture.

So I am going to order the hair steamer within the next week or so. Once I recieve it and actually take the time to use it. I will post before and after pics so you can see the results. Thanks for your support, God bless!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Looking for Naturals!!!!!

Happy Saturday Lovelies,

I pray everyone had a blessed and inspiring week. Well i wanted to quickly come by to ask you ladies if any one of your would like to be featured on my blog this year. I'm looking to do some things different this year and the first is featuring other beautiful naturals like yourselves. I would only ask you some questions and post your answers and a pic of all your goregeousness!


1.How long have you been natural?
2.What or who inspired you to go natural?
3.What are your favorite natural hair styles?
4.What are your favorite natural hair products?
5.Why do you love being a natural?
6.What words would you use to inspire other naturals or women who are thinking about becoming a natural?

So if you are interested please email your answers to me at and please don't forget to attach some pictures. I love you natural ladies! Thanks for your support, God bless!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New style w/ twists

Happy Humpday people,

I pray everyone is enjoying their week. Well i wanted to share with you all a new style that I did with twists.

Here are the steps........

1. divide hair in 4 parts
2. using the 2 parts in the front create a "V" style bang and seperate it
3. Now using the 2 parts thats left over in the front (which should be the sides) pull up into a pony tail.
4. now start your twists. I started with my bang first, then the ponytail, then the back.
5.Once all of your twists are complete loosely pull your bang back to where your ponytail starts and secure it with a couple bobby pins. (please make sure your bobby pins have rubber tips on the end)

There you have it. The 5 steps to this beautiful style. Thanks for your support. God bless!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Conditioner Confusion!!!!!!

Hello beautiful people,

I have a question????? I am having conditioner issues and I really could use your help! Ok before moving to el paso, I was using Elasta QP moisturing creme conditioner, great stuff by the way, and now since we live this city i have a hard time finding it. The one one place that i did find it, rarely has it. So now I've been using Herbal Essences Hello Hydration. It's an ok product but I'm not in love with it like i was in love with my Elasta conditioner. So this is where I need your help. Could you please tell my what condioner you use, and what is does for your hair????? There are some conditioners that i am most def gonna try in the near future, like Taliah Wajiid's Protective mist condish, and probably a Carol's Daughter condish. But ladies i would like to hear from you!!!

Thanks for your support! God bless!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

PrincessIsm Inc. Fundraising Campaign!

Hello Lovely Naturals,

I wanted to come by really quick and let you know that If you were interested in donating to the cause of my Program PrincessIsm Inc. you can do so by visiting Thank you so much for your support! God bless!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Hair length update!

Hello lovely naturals,

I checked the length of my hair, and no i did not reach the goal that i set for myself! I blame it on pregnancy! I can honestly say that i did not take care of my hair the way that i planned too in the beginning of 2010. But I am gonna try again! Since I will not be having anymore babies, taking good care of my hair will not be a problem.

Well i measured the length of my hair and it's a little over 11 1/2inches long. I'm proud of the progress that my hair has made. I really neglected it this past year and it still is long and healthy.

Thanks for your support! God bless!

PrincessIsm Inc.

Hello everyone,

I just wanted to quickly come by and share with you a project that I have been working on and I would really like your support. For a couple years now I have been putting together a business proposal for an all girls club and after school program. Finally it is completed! This year is the launching of PrincessIsm Inc.

Definition: PrincessIsm- The Act of being a Princess

PrincessIsm Inc. is a non-profit, Christian-based girls club and after school program, designed to empower and educate young ladies to live whole, balanced, healthy, virtuous lives. PI endeavors to motivate the ladies to embrace their God-given beauty, talents, and abilities, while assisting them in overcoming the difficult circumstances of life. We provide academic tutoring, life skills and character building training and also the support, counsel, friendship, reinforcement, and constructive examples needed to encourage healthy lifestyles. With love, in a safe and nurturing environment we will help each and every young lady reach their highest potential, as they live as the princess they were created to be.

I will be starting a new fundraising Campaign in a few days and I would love your support. You can also find us on Facebook. Thank you so much for your support, God bless you and yours!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Holiday Hair-do!

Hello Everyone,

I pray you all had a blessed and safe Christmas and New year! I really enjoyed being able to go back home to Florida for the holidays, but I must admit I was ready to get back to my house in El Paso! Well I wanna share a few pics of my Holiday Hair-do. I knew I did not want to be doing my hair everyday so I put in some twist and styled them differently just about everyday. I absolutely love twists. They have very low maintenance, and they are just too cute! They are also a very good protective hairstyle.