Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Huetiful Hair Steamer!

Happy Sunday ladies,

I pray all is well with you and yours! Well i've been hearing a lot about The Huetiful Hair steamer and I really want to try it out.

The Huetiful Hair Steamer is specifically designed for the unique needs of wavy, curly and kink-curly hair. Hair with natural curl patterns require more moisture and hydration than hair without a curl pattern. But products never seem to provide the nourishment; especially when curly hair is weathered by heat styling, the environment (humidity, cold weather, extreme heat, dry air), and chemical or color treatments.

The Huetiful Hair Steamer helps overcome the variables that lead to dry hair. It does this by restoring moisture 5x better than deep conditioners alone. The Huetiful Hair Steamer achieves these great results by opening up the cuticles of your hair to allow the conditioner or hair treatment to be pulled deeply inside the hair shaft. While the hair cuticles are open, the Huetiful Hair Steamer bathes your hair with warm mist to replenish lost moisture.

So I am going to order the hair steamer within the next week or so. Once I recieve it and actually take the time to use it. I will post before and after pics so you can see the results. Thanks for your support, God bless!

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