Sunday, January 23, 2011

My Husband Loves my Natural Hair!!!!

Hello beautiful naturals,

I pray everyone's week is going great so far! If not I pray it gets better for you!

Yall my husband loves my natural hair. He always compliments me and tell me how nice my hair looks. Even though I was already natural when we met, he completely stands behind the decision that I made. He loves to touch it and then tell me how soft it is. And yes he is the only person that can run his fingers through or play in my hair. I never put heat to my hair, but everytime i mention flat ironing my hair just to see how it looks straight, he always say "dont straighten it", "i like it just like that". God knows I love that man! How I appreciate him!

It feels good when the people that you love stand behind the decisions you make. And every natural sistah knows the feelings you get when you are deciding to go natural. An emotional rollercoaster. Deciding wether or not to go natural can cause a headache and all other kinda ailments. (HAHAHAHAHA I said ailments like i'm 92yrs old) And it is such a beautiful thing when your peeps can still look you in the face and say "you're beautiful", baldheaded and all.
So ladies rock your fades, locs, TWA"s, Afros and all your naturalness, because you are beautiful. And if your fam is supporting you, please let them know that you appreciate them and how much their support means to you!

And if you feel like know one is supporting you, guess what, I AM! Stay inspired, confident and encouraged!

Thanks for your support, God bless!


  1. Hey sis! This is such a lovely post! I am so happy for you that your husband stands firmly behind your decision. That is definitely how it should be! Unfortunately it's not like that for some. I hear you on the emotional rollercoaster. I've been on one since I went natural, hehe. Support is amazing, not only when you are natural, it truly helps. I haven't really been getting support from those closest to me but I am optimistic about that. Frankly, I cannot and will not change my do for a guy. That is the wrong foundation on which to build a relationship so bravo to you!! Again, I am very happy for you!! Stay blessed!

  2. thanks sis! I am truly blessed to have him by my side!