Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Ft Bliss! Yay! We made it!

Happy Tuesday Lovely Naturals! I'm BAAAAAAAAAAACK! I'm so excited! We finally made it to el paso! I drove 11hrs to get here! I was too excited to be tired! Lol! Well we are here and I have brought natural beauty to FT. Bliss!
Ok as you know I got a sew-in weave put in on Feb 1rst, it was cute and all but straight hair just isn't me! Because i'm so in love with every kink, coil, and curl on my head I had to take that sew-in out! It didn't even last a week! So now I'm rocking a puff! I've had so many compliments on my hair every since i took the weave out! Even mexicans are complimenting me! They can barely speak english, so they say your hair is really nice! I think thats hilarious!
I found out that the sew-in did not do my hair any justice. My hair was extra dry, and it took a couple days for my curls to start poppin again, so I don't think i'll be sewing- in any more hair no time soon.
So my natural beauties now that I'm back I will start back blogging as normal! We don't have internet in our home yet, so i'll be using the free wifi connection at the PX until we get it! I love you ladies, and thank you so much for the support! God bless you and yours!

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