Monday, March 8, 2010


Happy Monday Lovely Naturals! Okay today I am going to talk about Mineral Oil! Mineral oil is a byproduct of the distillation of crude oil to produce gasoline and other products made from petroleum. Also known as white petroleum, mineral oil has been widely used in skin-care products and in heavy machinery applications. Scented, mineral oil is popularly known as baby oil. It's also used to swab and clean ears safely and is recommended to trap insects that might enter the ear canal. Mineral oil is available in three grades and is refined according to its use. It is even used in heavy equipment to prevent parts from sticking together.


Mineral oil, also called petroleum oil, is found in light or heavy types. There are three categories of mineral oil: aromatic hydrocarbons, paraffinic oils and naphthenic oils based on cycloalkanes. Because mineral oil is made in large quantities and is readily available, it is generally cheap and can be purchased at drug stores.


Mineral oil is clear, with no visible color and no obvious scent. It is heavy and viscous and is prized for coating objects. There was a time when mineral oil was used to keep individual candies in a package from sticking to one another. Today mineral oil is still used to moisturize the skin, but it can cause breakouts and is not considered necessarily good for sensitive skin.


Mineral oil is known for not absorbing water. It has been used as a brake fluid for cars, bicycles and airplanes. As a very cheap material, the cost benefit is great because mineral oil is very plentiful. Mineral oil is also used to clean kitchen, utility and ceremonial knives and swords. Traditionally, a small amount of clove oil was added to mineral oil so that it would not be accidentally eaten. Mineral oil can be used on skin that has been exposed to poison oak as a way to capture the plant oils that can cause skin irritation.


Mineral oil as a paraffinic oil has been taken internally as a laxative. This is especially true for children as they are becoming toilet trained. Adults can also use this remedy. It's an effective laxative because it prevents the stool from absorbing too much water. In the 1950s, many people used a version of mineral oil as suntan oil, but it does not provide any protection from the burning rays of the sun. Few dermatologists today are likely to advise any patient to use baby oil, made from mineral oil, as a suntan lotion. Mineral oil can be used to help remove temporary tattoos by aborbing inks and sweeping them from the surface of the skin.


If you have sensitive skin, do not use mineral oil regularly. Many people find that using mineral oil on the face, for example, causes breakouts because it blocks pores. It is generally too heavy of an oil to use on the face. If you or your child has constipation, consult with your doctor before using mineral oil as a laxative. As with all laxatives, they can be habit-forming. Instead, ask your physician for ways to restore regularity without relying on mineral oil.

The Dangers of Mineral Oil in Hair & Skin Products

Today many people still use harmful and toxic Mineral Oil in hair products, pharmaceutical drug products, female vaginal sanitary products, baby care products, auto industry supplies, and even foodstuffs. Yes, even so-called foods!

Mineral oil should never be used on the hair and skin. Never! Why? Mineral oil clogs the pores and suffocates the skin, which is a breathing organ. Your hair and skin are alive and you must treat them as such. Many unconscious consumers are using petroleum or crude oil on their hair, both men and women. Many American females are using petroleum on their bodies as well, from lipstick to make-up remover (Vaseline).

Natural Alternative to Mineral Oil

Always remember that ideally, you should be able to eat or consume everything you put on your body. This means that what you put on your body (for hygiene or beauty purposes) should be edible. You should be able to eat it. Using this premise, Mineral Oil is out! It is not edible! It is not a food.

Replace Mineral Oil with natural oils that are derived from foods, i.e. jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, hazelnut oil, to name a few. These oils are far better and salubrious for you than Mineral Oil. They are good for hair care and skin care.

Thanks for your support! God Bless you and yours!


  1. This is a very interesting blog and so i like to visit your blog again and again. Keep it up.


  2. I'm heard that mineral oil is really good but sometimes hair comes to be oily and it smell bad I have a friend that was using that and her hair comes to be so worst than the beginning.