Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some DO's and DONT's for Natural Hair!

Happy Thursday Blessed People! Okay today I just want to share SOME (there are many) Do's and Dont's for natural hair. So................ Here we go!

* If you have any tips or suggestions please feel free to comment :)

#1. DO wash your hair in sections. This keeps your hair from Tangling.

#2. DO ONLY comb your hair when it's wet. Combing dry hair causes breakage.

#3. DO keep your hair moisturized. Seal in moisture by first adding a water based product, such as a leave in conditioner, then add a oil based product, such as shea butter, coconut or castor oil, then add a cream based product. I use Elasta QP Recovery Moisturizer which is absolutely wonderful.

#4. DO Use a denman brush or a k-cutter comb to detangle your hair. Start at ENDS then work our way up to the roots. Starting at your roots will cause breakage.

#5. DO Detangle your hair only in the shower w/ conditioner in your hair.

#6. DO cover your hair before bed with a satin scarf or bonnet. This keeps your hair from drying out during the night. Satin Pillowcases are great also.

#7.DO big plaits or twists and moisturize before bed. This will make your hair more manageable in the morning.

#8. DO Co-Wash! Co-Washing is basically conditioner washing. Most shampoos contain sulfur or sulfate (Read my blog "No Poo Thank You" for my info) which dries out the hair! Co-washing is a way to get the hair clean without using shampoos! ACV (apple cider vinger) Rinses is a great great way to clarify hair without the use of shampoos, but if you must use shampoo, try to find a sulfur-free shampoo, and use olive oil as a pre-poo (add to hair, and massage before shampooing.) I can recommend Elasta QP creme conditioning shampoo.

#9. DO Know that most of the products you used before going natural will not work on your natural hair. (I.E i used Motions hair products before going natural and they made my hair look fabulous. Now Motions does absolutely nothing for my hair!)

#10.DO NOT allow you or someone else to lift your hair (bleach it) to put color in it. Bleaching your hair severely damages it.

#11. DO NOT use products that contain petroleum or mineral oil. It only coats your hair and does not moisturize. Please stay away from those products.

#12. DO love your shrinkage!

#13. DO trim your hair at least once every 1-2 months.

#14. DO protective styles. Such as braids just to give your hair a break.

#15. DO not overuse heat. (use heat protectants when using heat)

#16. DO read the labels on products. Get to know your products and their ingredients. in a great place to start finding out what ingredients are good for your hair and which are not. Do not be decieved, do your research before trying new products.

#17. DO NOT let hataz get you down! Love your hair! Stay Natural!

#18. DO NOT towel dry your hair if you want you curls and coils to pop! Shake the water out or squeeze the water out!

#19. Do stay connected to the Natural Hair care community! Youtube, LHCF, Mowtown girl, Nappturality, all those sites are great!

#20. DO know that diet and exercise is key to growing healthy hair!

#21. Do regularly Deep Condition your hair! (I will share my Deep Conditioner on tomorrow)

#22. Do regularly do Protien Treatments. Our hair is basicly made up of protien, and when it lacks protien our hair tends to become very weak and prone to breakage. Lets keep our hair strong by giving it what it needs! Protien! (Will share my Protien treatment on tomorrow also.)

#23. Do not use products that contain Cones!!!! (i.e Silicone, Amodimethicone,Behenoxy Dimethicone, Bisamino PEG/PPG-41/3 Aminoethyl PG-Propyl Dimethicone, Bis-Phenylpropyl Dimethicone, C30-45 Alkyl Dimethicone, Cyclopentasiloxane (&) Dimethicone, Lauryl Methicone CopolyolPCA Dimethicon, Phenyl Trimethicone, etc....... There are many more.....) Theses igredients makes natural hair feel great when its wet, but once it dries it leaves the hair hard, stiff and crunchy. Cones cannot be removed by shampoo, therefore causing build-up and locking moisture out of the hair. Stay Away from the Cones! (Will do a blog on cones at a later date)

#24. Do love God, your self and others! You are beautiful! As my Best Friend says, "Love the skin that God has placed you in". Know that there is greatness inside of you!


  1. that's why I don't like curly hair because you need to be so careful with it and sometime you got many knots on your hair.Generic Viagra Buy Viagra

    1. Curly hair is healthy so what if you have to deal with all that at least you have long strong healthy hair and not straight relaxed hair

    2. I think this information is very helpful because I am just now starting to go natural. I see that now my hair is more healthy and softer than ever! To the girl that said she doesn't like curly hair, STOP BEIN LAZY!

  2. Hey, this is great stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow that was really helpful I'm trying to transition now and I really didn't know the do's and donts so that really brought it all together for me thanks sooooo much