Saturday, January 2, 2010

Natural: Why Me?

Happy Saturday everyone! Today I just want to share with the world why I chose to become natural! I chose to become natural because I needed to find out who I was. I had become a person that was superficial, and imitation. Relaxed, and fake hair, fake nails, fake character! I needed to meet myself and find out what type of person I truly was. The Year I started to go natural is the same year I gave my life to Christ! Without Him, getting to know me would have been impossible! So my Natural Hair Journey has been very spiritual for me. It still is! No, I am not my hair, but I feel when you look at my hair you get a glimpse of who I truly am. Naturally beautiful, strong, powerful, and honest! I am Daughter of the Most High, Yes I am Royalty!

I've started teaching my daughter to embrace who she is at a really young age. She's 7 now and she will quickly tell you that she is beautiful, inside and out, and that God didn't make any mistakes when He made her! So it doesn't matter what the world says about her skin color or hair, she knows that in God's, her mommy's and daddy's eyes she is beautiful. I believe we as parents should make sure that our children never lose sight of who they really are. We should teach our children to embrace their culture at a early age, so that when they're older they won't feel lost and only merely existing! I've been there!

Thanks for your support. Know that there IS greatness inside of you! Have a Blessed day!

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  1. I'm definately teaching my children when I'm older to love themselves and trust in God