Monday, December 6, 2010

Naturally Jazmyne!

Hello beautiful people,

Happy Monday! I pray everyone enjoyed their weekend, I know I did! Well today I have a confession to make. In October 2009 I cut my daughter's locs off. Simply because when I cut mine off in August she wanted hers cut off as well, so I did. Anyway since that time I have been keeping her hair in braids and kinky twist. I can only recall letting her wear her TWA maybe once for about a week. I feel really bad! As a mom it's my duty to teach my daughter to embrace her true beauty, and she knows that God made no mistakes when creating her, but I had to get real and be honest with myself about why I constantly keep her hair in braids and kinky twists. The reason why is because.............
1. Her hair has very tight coils and curls, so it absorbs moisture very easily and quickly (lazy) and
2. I don't want her to have to experience being teased or picked on about her hair

Being confident in your beauty is a part of being truly beautiful. And as her mom I can take the extra effort that is takes to keep her hair moisturized and manageable. So when we come back from Christmas Vacation in January, the kinky twists are coming out and I am gonna start teaching her how to properly care for her hair. She hates getting her hair braided anyway! That should have been a sign! And because her hair is always in braids and twists, it isn't growing as fast as it should! Simply because I never let it rest and breath!

Every since she was a baby my mom always talked about how "nappy" my daughter's hair is. But we "Naturals" are happy to be nappy! And I can remember when Jaz was about 2 or 3 my mom relaxed her hair. I was so upset with her. My mom has been a big influence on me not wanting her to be teased about her hair. But things has to change! And they will change!

So not only will I be blogging and vlogging about my hair but also my daughter's. Honesty truly does set you free! Thanks for your support! God bless you and yours!