Friday, December 3, 2010

Water for Hair Growth!

Hello Lovely Naturals,

I'm back! I truly missed you all so much! And now since the little misses has joined us and I'm back to feeling much like my old self again, I figured I would start back learning and blogging again about maintaining and properly caring for my natural tress! By the way my hair has grew tremendously since my last growth update, I will be checking the length soon, and getting those results posted.

One thing that I constantly did during my pregnancy was drink plenty of water. So I decided to blog about water and it's benefit on natural hair. So here we go......

Water is the single most importatnat nutrient for our bodies. It is involved in every function of our bodies. You can live five to seven weeks without food, but the average adult can last no more than five days without water. Some people water their lawns and houseplants more than they do their own bodies! You are valuable; take care of yourself and properly hydrate your body.
Many people never drink water. Some don't like the taste of water, or they were never taught the importance of drinking it. A lack of water often results in frequent headaches, back pain, arthritis, skin problems, digestion problems, HAIR problems, and other ailments. When our body becomes dehydrated it begins to ration the small amout of water that we do have in our bodies. Think of a sprinkler system whose pressure is turned to low to reach all the grass on your lawn. Some parts stay green, but other parts begin to brown and die. When you live in a drought condition, your body smartly manages the water you give it, keeping the vital organs well watered with nutrients. "The strating five" organs are:
The body keeps these organs well hydrated with water, lest you suffer serious consequences. But as a result, nonvital organs and areas of the body suffer. In the body's ranking system, body parts like the GI tract, joints, skin, hair, etc... are less important, and so symptoms of dehydration usually show up there first.

Coffee, tea, sugar drinks or beer does not count in your daily water count. Water means exactly that - water. Carbonated and caffeinated drinks may actually speed up dehydration which means that the body is not functioning at optimal levels. Not only can dehydration make you feel drained and exhausted, it can be a hidden factor in hair growth stoppage, dry strands or tresses that break off.

Adjust your daily levels according to the seasons of the year (hot weather may require more daily water consumption) and the amount of stress in your life.

When pressed for exact formulas, most experts can not give a simple answer to how much water humans should drink every day. Dr. Don Colbert (My Favorite Dr & Nutritionist) recommends taking your body weight and dividing it by two, whatever your answer is, thats how many ounces of water you should try to drink daily.

So as we see from the little info that i provided, water is vitally important to the well being of our bodies. So drink up! We should also increase our intake of salads, veggies, and fruits since they all contain a high percentage of water! Thanks for your support! As a side note, remember there is no Christmas without Christ! He Is the reason for the season! God bless you and yours!

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